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Want to apply for MEDICAID for LONG TERM CARE?

Apply online at or you can contact your local Department of Social Services for a paper copy of the application.


Renewals – Basics

ALL Medicaid cases must be reviewed yearly.

*****There is no automatic renewal for Long Term Care applications.*****


A Medicaid renewal packet is sent out by your local department of social services

1 ½ - 2 months prior to the month that the renewal is due. 

Their processing deadlines require that they evaluate the case before the 15th of the month that it is due.


The applicants will need to provide their name, address, social security number (SSN) or proof that the applicant applied for the SSN and their date of birth, legal presence in the US, disabled and/or blindness information.

Verifications Requirements may include the following:


1. Address and Service Provider


2. Income:















Gross Earned Income:

Paystubs for the month prior to application or statement from employer.


Unearned Income:

This is the GROSS amount and any deductions of pensions, Social Security, current award letter, Direct Deposits advice, lifetime benefit award letter, monthly benefits statements, alimony, annuities (not pension related).


3. Resources: Bank Account information, Life insurance, burial information, property, vehicle and the amount owed.


4. Expenses: rent/mortgage; insurance premiums; current medical bills


It takes about 45 days processing time.  Someone will reach out to with a checklist if anything else is needed.  If the applicant is MARRIED, included information for both.




Before being approved for LTC services, a screening/assessment is done to determine the need for services. The screening/assessment are:

  • Provided for citizens who are age 65 or older, disabled adults, children who require community based care and require 24hr care in a nursing home facility.
  • Completed by a family services specialist and a health department nurse.
  • Used to determine the individual’s medical needs for care.
  • Provided at no cost.

To setup a screening/assessment for LTC, call your local department of social services. This screening assessment can also be completed while in the hospitals.

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